We provide services and develop products in the space of Cloud Services, Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

A trait which distinguishes us from the other companies in the market is – Always delivering on our promises.


Our interdisciplinary team of experts are focused on bringing cutting-edge technologies to large, medium and small businesses through focused targeting, solutions approach and innovative pricing.

Cloud Enablement Services 

Cloud Migration


Cloud journey management, devops services, cloud migration services, cloud

application modernization, 

coud native custom development,cloud infrastructure transformation.   

Cloud Management


We provision and maintain cloud- based architecture solutions employing micro-services, distributed database systems, load-balancing and caching. 

High Performance Computing 


Build quality driven, well-documented, modularized software across processors, workstations and cloud computing devices running the latest Big Data Tool Components.

Software Stack 


We have a synthesis of Python, R and Apache Hadoop /Spark /Flink/SCALA with Mongo DB, Couch DBs working as backends for batch and streaming processes. 

Data Lake Implementation


The modern version of data warehousing powered on clouds like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and handling daily 500GB of data through best in class ETL process.  

Kubernetes at Scale  


Porting existing in-house or cloud based applications to Kubernetes to scale them and reduce the running and maintenance cost.

We are ready to cater to a world that will reside on multi-cloud ecosystems. We are here to make the cloud a reality for ALL businesses.

AI as a Service   

Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Data Science 


Uncover data, forecast future events and take steps based on sound statistical reasoning to maximize your revenue in every business domain.

Machine Learning 


Use state-of-art machine learning techniques to classification, regression and unsupervised learning problems. Pipelined models are then ready for deployment on most software stacks.

Recommender Systems 


Build scalable recommender systems combining collaborative filtering, content based filtering models and graph based models to deliver domain specific recommendations.

Natural Language Processing 


Extract every ounce of information from textual and social media data like Named Entity Detection, Keywords, Dependency Parsing, Topic Modeling to understand the factors of influence.

Deep Learning 


Learn non-trivial inter relationships in data with various Neural Networks, GRUs,

RBMs, CNNs to discover unseen connections on a python based stack powered

by GPU computing using tensorflow, caffe.

Conversational Dialogue Systems


We build chat-bots that provide deep first touch-points for your customers. These bots provide near human interface experience to your users.

When we think of Machine Learning and AI we think of prohibitive costs. We are bent on making AI accessible to all. More so to small business who will benefit most from it.


 We have worked with a wide spectrum of sophisticated technologies

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